Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cat House

 We are going to be gutting our upstairs soon, YAY! I call it the "attic", but it's really a half story that the previous owners had made into two bedrooms.  I hope to make into one large beautiful master suite some day, but for now it could become kiddie space, but who knows...when you live in a bunglaow you take any space you can get your hands on, and in this house, you either go up, or go down.  We intend to do both actually:)  The contractor starts in April and I need to get everything out of there and re-organized down in the basement that I have been trying to transform into a man cave/family room at the same time.  Ugh!  It is hectic around here!  Since you 've seen my other posts about how much crap I drag in here...then you can imagine how much treking up and down these steps I'm doing.  Whatever...I need the workout.  It's been a big week and I was kind of at a loss of what I wanted to blog about this week. all this sorting and so on and so forth...I've realized my penchant for loving cats has turned into a collection that over time spread it's "whiskers" on all three floors! Somebody stop me, there's kitty everywhere I look and I didn't even see it coming.  Check this out!  A kitty frame on the window sill in the kitchen...
That is my handsome nephew Jeramie by the way

Here are two of the three pictures hanging on the kitchen walls...
PS- I don't even really care for these prints, but some how they got "grandfathered in" and are still hanging on the walls, but I hate my kitchen enough that I don't really care.  That's another project.

Andy Warhol - sorry it's foggy

Ok...Here is the top of my dresser in our bedroom.  I'm sure Noah adores looking and these little creatures all over the house (sarcasm).  I just pick them up in my travels or friend's give them as gifts.

They even multiply when the light changes!...haha

Who's that little guy peeking out over the sofa in the living room?  He beckons from Pier One many moons son Evan probably moved him there because I really don't know where he was sitting.

And in the bath room upstairs...A lovely plaque I picked up in Sicily.  Originally meant to go outside and hang on the new shed.  How's that shed going you ask? comment.  Until it's finished though, this stays in the bath room:)  Foogy pic again so I just did it in B&W.  I'm having camera issues.  But...

You get the idea.
A book shelf in the basement...

On top of an old bookcase in my son's room... he's from Spain.
The cat that is.

Well there you have it!  That is what I have learned about myself this week.  I love cats!  It's not that I even really love them that much in person, but...maybe it's their carefree, I don't give a s*#t attitudes, that I appreciate!  Sure they love you, but they don't have to love you.  At least I think that's the relationship I have with my two outdoor cats.  I think I need them (they keep mice away) more than they need me.  Take a look around.  Do you have any weird collections that you just love and you're not sure why?  Or, do you pick up little things here and there and they happen to have similarities that you like the characteristics of maybe more than the object itself?  Just a thought...

Have a great day!!

Jess xo