Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Roof/Skylight Reveal

Hi Everyone,
Again, it's been awhile.  I still can't seem to get myself back into the blogging groove that I enjoyed so much "pre-cancer".  But I do miss my old life and maybe blogging again will reveal a glimmer of what once was and give myself at least a little bit of normalcy.  So...on that note, what I would normally work on would be one of the few loves in my life...my house.  I'll show you what we have been up to.  The roof needed redone so badly it was a must that it get done immediately.  I'm talking, we had buckets in the eaves to catch the drips, bad!  So, I have gotten some random messages from you peeps wondering what color of roof we did and I can now reveal (drumroll...), it's black.  The "shake" style with the random width shingles.  I guess that aspect isn't as visible, but, I love it!

So, we didn't get our dream dormers in the end because the money we had saved ended up in the pocket of the University of Iowa hospital, so we opted for skylights instead.  I only did skylights on one side of the roof, the side you don't see when you pull up to the house.  I actually don't care for the outside look of skylights, but it was a must that we get more light into the upstairs.  I think we accomplished the light the dormers would have given, without compromising the bungalow style as you pull up to the house. Do you remember the little cut and paste pic I had posted a while back of what a dormer would have looked like. 
 Woulda been great huh?  Oh well, things happen and this will do.  For now, I'm going back upstairs to keep gutting it.  Check out all of the original ugly paneling I have to take down...gross. 
But in the end I really hope one of my dream pinterest pics can come true and maybe the space could turn into the master suite with the walk in closet of my dreams yet! 
Maybe a little something like this perhaps...
 A girl can dream, right?!
Toodles, back to work.
-Jess xoxo