Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Reason I Love My Home...Mushrooms in the Spring!

Hello!  I just wanted to share something real quick with you.  Spring in Iowa is so lush and plentiful and the morel mushrooms that pop up at this time are soooooo delicious and spectacular, like an explosion of pure bliss in your mouth!  Too much? - well get a load of this bounty...

Our plan is to eat them until we can't stand them any more:)  Good thing they only come once a year.

Sorry for the crumby picture, but I had to share.  We usually find a handful, a bagful if we're lucky.  Score!  Last night's menu...morels, breaded and sauteed.  Do you like them as much as we do?  How do you cook yours?  Have a great weekend!
-Jess xo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And Speaking of Walls, What to do with a Stone Wall

Hello Everyone!  My last post boasted about my 2 out of 4 lovely walls that are now gracing our new shed, but if I back up the photo from the shed a bit, you'll see the old stone foundation of the original barn that was lost in the storm.  I absolutely LOVE this stone wall, but I'm not so sure it should remain in the same place. Should we leave the wall where it's lies and fix it up as an homage to the original?, or should we try and move it and give it a new purpose in life?  I will never get rid of the stones because I see them as a permanent fixture to the property no matter where they are located, but they do look a bit messy in this state.  Just not sure which steps to take.

I've been searching pics of really great things to do with dry stacked stone walls and it's inspiring to think of the possibilities for these stones. I don't know if I like that question mark end to this wall. I think the stone mason may be trapped inside the circle, eeek!
shwa  landscape
landscape design by portland landscape architect Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Maybe an aged look?  This reminds me of a wall on the grounds of an English Castle!

Or we could fill the foundation in with dirt and plant beautiful ornamental grasses and other "maintenance free" plants? I love ornamental grass.

I also thought we could put a little picket fence on top of the wall and a gate like this maybe?
It could be a good garden area.

Here's a couple of pics showing how we could move and re-purpose the stone.
Maybe to surround a pergola like this closer to the house?
Or use the stones for a bench or barbeque or something? I don't know what do you think?!
Source: via Ed on Pinterest
Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

I think I am kind of liking the idea of filling in the space with dirt and use the stray stones to make a lovely set of steps like this. If you have any other ideas, please tell me!

Have a great week!!
-Jess xo