Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sister's Garden and Bloom

Hello everyone!
It has been nothing but rain here in the Midwest for days.  I'm so over it!  We did have a tiny taste of what the beauty of spring will be when we enjoyed a few lovely days a couple of weeks ago.  I even got my spring/summer clothes out of storage and put some winter sweaters to rest.  Small house = small closets, so, I have to switch off:)  In the name of warm weather to come I want to share some photos from the Sister's Garden and Bloom Spring Open House in Kalona, Iowa that I went to the weekend before last.  I wanted to post them sooner, but I am still so busy.  I'll explain why more in another post.  Anywhoo...we had so much fun!  If you haven't been to Sister's, you must go to this lovely farm house store in the beauty of Amish country in Kalona, IA.
There are two houses FULL of great antiques, uniques and flea market finds.
That's my son Evan above having a blast and even better...they had a really fun huge sandbox in the house for kids and mom was able to shop in peace!:)
Also, around every corner were goodies and treats much to Evan's delight!

It was a really fun day and one of the coolest things I saw was this glass house made of lots of different old windows.  I have seen these on Pinterest and pinned them on my boards, but to see it in person was awesome!  I have to do one at my house.  Maybe a less elaborate front door, but I think it would make a really cool greenhouse.  Here's their blog if you wanna check it out  http://www.sistersgardeniowa.blogspot.com/

Another project I guess:)  Noah will be thrilled (wink wink).
Have a great week!

-Jess xoxo