About Me

Hi! I'm Jessica Schweitzer,

Im an interior designer from the great state of Iowa. Lush, green, lovely Iowa is where I grew up and where I call home today with my husband Noah and our little boy Evan.  I love design and I'm usually thinking about it in one way or another, most of the day.  Floor plans, space planning, drafting, CAD, kitchen layouts...these things are some of my favorite things to do.  I would sit and draft floor plans for fun as a little girl and think about my "future dream home".  Well...I'm still doing that!  Except my house ended up being a lot smaller than thought I wanted back then.  We live in a 1933 Arts and Crafts bungalow, and if you're into bungalows, you're on the right blog!  Stick with me and I'll show you the best and worst of a bungalow lifestyle because it's not always easy.  Space can be a challenge, but to me, the charm and details are worth it.  Plus...some benefits of small house living...2 hours of cleaning, DONE!, reducing your carbon footprint, DONE!, not worrying about "decorating" unused rooms, DONE!  Having an event with more than 10 people, well.......:/  I always have plenty to talk about with this house because we will always be working on something.  Don't tell Noah! haha.  But the truth is I don't think a house should ever be "finished", it just evolves.  I guess that should give me plenty to say for this blog then!  We'll evolve in good design together!