Monday, December 19, 2011

Major Project 1...The new shed

A huge storm swept through in the summer of 2008

Leaving our, already vulnerable, historic barn in shambles 

The clean-up was a very slow process, but we saved what we could.

Let me just say that my husband has NEVER built anything like this.  A stud wall, yes.  A building, no, just learning along the way.  The goal was to salvage what we could since we desperately needed the storage and were on a serious budget.  Afterall, this was/IS! a piece of our property's history, so we decided to build a shed and found a design that fit our needs with what we had left to work with.  Board-wise it wasn't enough for the roof unfortunately.
So, here is where we are with the new "shed" which actually ended up being just a hair bigger. 
But after months in the making...

it's pretty much at a  standstill. Ha ha.
But, slow and steady is more our style I guess. 
Stay tuned for more pics as we progress.  Happy holidays!

If only we had extra barnboard...maybe we could just whip this up too (wink;)

Recycled barnboard tiny house
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c-bliss said...

Great Blog Jess! And the backyard house is a must hehe.