Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Architecture of Independence Iowa..the drive-by version

Hello everyone!  Last week was a sad one as we lost our dear Uncle Bud who was from, my in-laws hometown of, Oelwein, Iowa.  We don't get there very often, but when we do it's always nice to see what else beautiful Northern Iowa has to offer.  Just South of Oelwein is the quaint little town of Independence, Iowa.  Going through again made me sit up (in the car:) and take notice to some of the beautiful homes along the main drag of this once bustling town.  Though the hubby wouldn't stop the car (hmmph) are some of my best "fly by" shots of a town worth stopping and checking out if you're galivanting around Northern Iowa.'s colder up there!  I know this because I wore no socks (which my M-I-L made sure to discuss. haha:) and as you can see, there is snow on the ground.  C'mon, who hasn't sacrificed for fashion!  Anywhoooo, check out the old train depot.  Once upon a time, this depot would have been jam packed with travelers walking and waiting...waiting and walking in 1891...

Did I ever mention how much a I love vintage suitcases (I need to find some more), these look so cool on display.  Also note the intricate architectural detail of the pillars. 
What a grand period in time.

Look out for the train!  Whoooo.   Whoooo.  (um, that was a whistle.)

A little cruise through bustling downtown Independence...

Here's a monster beauty along the main drag.  Absolutely crisp, beautiful paint job. 
Somebody loves their home!  Who wouldn't, look at it!

With an extra little cottage/carriage house in the back.  Amazing.

Here's another gem.  My fav!  The paint that once covered the original brick is all chippy and falling off, but that's what I love about this.  Some Italianate details prevalent in the arch windows, pillars and corbels.  Awesomeness. Period.

Then a little Gothic styling.  Pointed peaks with leaded glass and high peaks in the roof.  These pristine paint jobs put my shabby little bungalow to shame.  I will be posting pics of that soon by the way.  BIG project coming up so stay tuned!

Well there is a little snippet of lovely Independence I thought I'd share. What a melting pot of architectural styles.
Have great day and happy first day of February!

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