Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loving Lattice

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day yesterday.  Being a new blogger, I have learned, so far, that the more I think about design, houses, blogging, whatever...I start finding more and more out about myself and the things I really love.  I wanted to share something that I've really been loving lately.  Lattice work.  Some may say trellis, I say lattice.  I'm seeing it everywhere!  It's really chic right now I know, I know, lattice is not a surprise, but it has always been a design that struck my fancy.  What I am finding out about myself is that, I just love good clean classics.  Who doesn't?!  But I never veer to far from those kinds of things.  You know, things like subway tile, aviator sunglasses, jeans, chesterfield sofas, hair in a bun, yadda, yadda.  If my hair was long enough I would whip it up in a bun and plop on a chesterfield with a good classic book right now.  My point is, I know it's overly trendy right now...sure.  But I think current trends are new growth of old roots. I'd love to use this design in the new basement family room.  Remember the $30 relic that's going down there (below) ?

I want to keep it clean and simple with a solid color fabric but jazz it up with pillows for the back.  Or maybe just all pillows in place of the current orange wedges altogether.
Like these?...

Budget Living Room eclectic living room
eclectic living room design

I have always loved Chippendale, so I just want a little, more cost effective, piece for that in my own environment to appreciate.
Bask in the glory of Chinese Chippendale...

Image Detail

Lattice of the past...

Lattice of the present...

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

I may end up using a rug instead of the pillows, but either way, when I'm over the trend, I can change it guilt free because I didn't do the whole sofa in it.

Source: via Asia on Pinterest

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

If only I were young enough to pull of that shirt!  How cool.  I'll keep you posted on how it turns out, but until then...
Long Live Lattice!



Jenna at Homeslice said...

Great post! I love all this lattice inspiration.. especially the pie! ha!

Jess @ The Bungalow Project said...

Thanks Jenna! I really enjoy your posts too!:)