Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Gossip Girl Fashion Show

Since I ended my last post talking about one of my fav shows Gossip Girl, I may as well continue the moment.  If I knew how to sew I would totally whip up my own clothes.  I have, in the past, sketched clothes I wish I had, but can never find in stores.  Hey! maybe I should learn to sew. 
Anyway, in honor of the fashion show on GG last night, let me just run down my top most memorable fashion moments that got talked about the next day at work:)  I guess, for me, Serena must have the best fashion since Blair did not make the cut.
The Pinochio hat with the little feather.  I...must....have.....one...... (even though it was last fall)
I know, it reminds me of the 80's too.  Which is why it's so cool!  Sorry for the small pics.
If I were going to a ball...and had Serena's boobs:)  I think this is a Jenny Packham dress but I'm not 100% on that.

Just for be-bopping around Paris in what's called the "cage dress".  Loving the hat too.
The backwards suit.  And not the weird Celine Dion kind from the late 90's!
Serena's high waisted coral pants.  The whole ensemble was cool, but I don't know that I would jump up and buy those pants, I just loved them in the moment.

Serena's gray lace dress. Amazing.
Other memorable pieces (for me) usually include Serena's mom Lily's jewelry.  She wears these massive necklaces that I love, but I don't think many people can pull off.
I love this.
And this.  But let me just add 1 more thing that I love on the show, it's weird but I have always loved Lily's pale pink Gucci glasses.  If I wore glasses I would rock these too.

Ok! thank you, enough about Gossip Girl.  I'm waiting for the furniture store to get my new chair in.  I will unvail it as soon as I get it.  Still waiting!

xoxo - Jess

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