Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Projects and Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Everyone!
It's been a bit longer writing to you than I was wanting, but I've been busy, which is good!  I've been surprisingly happy lately and I attribute that to a few new things happening in my life.  First...I got a new job as a design director for custom cabinet/furniture building company and the best part is, I work 20 hours per week.  That was my choice and probably one of the best I've made in a while.  I can be involved in projects with clients and have my time at home to work on the little things that make me happy.  Let me show you what I mean:) 

I went to a craft fair of local Iowa artists and found the sweetest little coin purse.  It came in so many colors with a little removable felt flower.  Here's my color combo of choice.  Love.

Another small  hill climbed; I finally finished the seating area in the "finished basement".  I use quotes here because though the floors are painted and some white block wall is still exposed.  We have been practically living down there all winter.  I'm surprised how much we use our new family room.  So I finally got that vintage sofa complete...take a look.

Remember what that sofa looked like when I bought it?

New upholstery in a light grey with cream contrast piping did a body good.  I had to attempt to finish the bottom strip of upholstery since it was attached to the sofa itself.  I used upholstery tacks to finish it and I really like it!

The new bathroom in the basement I have showed you before but I finally got the backsplash tiled.  A soft green glass and stone mosaic.  Comes in a 12x12 inch sheet so it was easy to do myself.

Here was the before

Just a couple more things that have made my day.  Nothing is more fun than a good vintage score.  Like this chair I found for $15.  I love Danish Modern.  So simple, but useful.  Just like my bungalow home.  Check it out.

The fabric needs a lift, it's a bit stained.  Nothing a cleaning won't take care of.  But, I imagine it someday in a really hip pattern like the little chevron coin purse or something. 
Who knows what I'll find.

Finally, last but certainly not least.  My longing for a second child has been somewhat quenched by non other than, Sunny the cat.  Our new buddy and his favorite spot is in my bed in the sunshine.  Haha.  Kinda like me I guess:)

Have a great week!  Thanks for reading:)

-Jess xoxo

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