Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Pinterest Flop

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to quickly share something with you.  I get so excited to find a good idea on Pinterest that I think I can actually manage to accomplish at home.  One of these ideas was to start my garden seeds inside.  Someone had pinned the brilliant idea to start the seeds in ice cream cone cups, then you can just plant them in the ground and they will safely muss, no fuss!

Is it just me who has butchered this? You do have to water the seeds, correct?

So, the answer is yes, you DO have to water them and when you do it turns into a disgusting, moldy disaster as shown above.  That is a box of ice cream cone cups sitting in my window sill.  Moldy, wilting, soggy, dilapidated cone cups that constantly tip over and spill. 
But hey...the seeds have sprouted right?!  Ha ha.  Thanks Pinterest, love ya!
Have a great weekend:)

-Jess xoxo

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