Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dutch Doors

Hello everyone! I have always loved the idea of a Dutch door.  So, about a year ago (quite possibly longer), I ran across one at one of my hotspots The Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store.  I got it for the door to our basement steps. Initially, it seemed like the perfect size for the stairway.  The idea was so great for a Dutch door right there because I could leave the top half open so it would still "visually" open up the lower level, but still keep the bottom closed for a wandering toddler.  Well guess didn't fit.  I mean, I knew it wasn't going to fit exactly and may need modified, but it REALLY didn't fit.  We only have a 27" wide opening to our basement and this thing was like 34".  You know, like a normal door should be.  Since we were finishing the basement bathroom and hadn't even framed in a door yet...we went Dutch:)  It really needed some fill work and nice clean sanded finish.  After a year...we just finished this thing!  Now it's officially installed and we can actually have a little privacy.

It used to be this lovely shade of yellow...

You may be wondering what this aqua blue colored stuff is that is filling several nooks and crannies?'s fiberglass filler.  Like what you'd use on a car body.  Weird huh? My hubby's in the auto biz and we always have an ample supply, so years ago we started patching walls and other minor things with it and it just seems to work really well!  Pretty awesome actually!  The problem with using it is, the door will always have to be painted and can never be refinished.  I was ok with that.

With a fresh coat of white, the final result is...(drum roll)........

The windows originally were clear, but for a bathroom application I frosted them with spray frost. I was skeptical about it, but it actually worked really well and doesn't feel gritty like it would be hard to clean.  The paint is Dutch Boy cabinet and trim paint in white.  I love the character of a Dutch door, and even though I didn't get to use it how I really wanted, the idea of still being able to have one (even if it is the bathroom), is good enough for me:)
Oh yes, you may have seen there is no door knob.  The rest of our house has old glass knobs, and I have an extra, but it has yet to make it on the door.  But it looks like this...

Here are a few pics of some great uses of Dutch doors I've been browsing lately. 
So much classier than a baby gate!  Brilliant.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Back to it's roots...this is a 17th century painting by a Dutch artist.  See the Dutch door in the background??  I'm kinda loving this interior by the way.  Good colors and windows for the 17th century!

Well everyone, hope you have a great weekend!!  Thanks for reading all of our latest crazy endeavors.  See ya next week!

-Jess xo

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