Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I love about my home

Last weekend we were blanketed with a lovely coat of fresh snow.  Though I hate winter most of the time, when a nice heavy snow (I'm not talking a blizzard here) covers my world with a new freshness, I think it makes everything look clean and beautiful.  Kind of like when you step back and look at your new freshly painted white wall.  You rediscover it's potential; like looking at a clean slate.  After a chilly, sloppy winter, I was happy for this fresh clean look.  Two days later it's 60 something degrees and we are left with yet another sloppy mess.  Don't get me wrong, I love the warmer temps.  When the mercury rises, my mood goes up right along with.  However, last weekend gave me a chance to fall in love with the look of my house again and look forward to a spring and summer full of project potential.  That fresh coat of white reminded me all of the things I love about this little bungalow and I thought I'd share those things with you...
I love our creek, so still and peaceful.

I love the trails.  Noah has spent so much time blazing these beautiful trails through the woods.  I look forward to our summer walks.

I love the house!  Our little country bungalow in the woods.  So safe and hidden away.  Though let me just say that when it becomes a muddy mess and I move closer to the house and see all of the work that needs done, I cringe, but at a distance...all covered in charming!:)

With that muddy mess comes the promise of spring and summer.  I'm ready!!
I love that we live one mile from the boat ramp.  Can't wait to go rollin' on the river!

Hidden away, but with wide open spaces to play...

And relax... that's me fishing of the old pier 1 mile away.

Think spring everyone!  It's right around the corner, new house projects await!
Have a great weekend:)

-Jess xo

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