Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Ceiling...What To Do?

Hello Everyone!
I've been crazy busy, then sick, then tired, and now I think I'm back on track here.  Finally!  I hate been sick it's such a drag, but laying around certainly gave me enough time to dwell on our soon-to-be gutted upstairs remodel project. Contractor comes in a couple weeks. Remember the mess I have to clean out before we gut it?... 

Well, I was thinking...when we finally finish the space, what can I do to make this space unique and have that bungalow charm that I love so much?  In a space like this that has practically zero vertical wall space, the focus will be on ceilings and floors.  I love the character of the old hardwood floors so those will stay and get refinished.  But the ceiling...what to do, what to do?

Maybe something like this?  On a smaller scale of course
Madaket Modern  bedroom
 Or something like this?  No beams.

Or maybe something using our old barn beams still stacked outside?

Maybe that's a little much:/  Or maybe just stick with plain old drywall. 
Keep it clean and simple and focus on really cool decor like this photo below...

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

What do you guys think? Beam it, wood slat it, or drywall it?? Let me know if you have any other ideas. Have a great weekend! What's left of it.

-Jess xo


Michelle Darrow said...

I say dry wall. I love the last pic with the drawers against the walls. I like to keep it simple...less is more I always say.

Jessica Schweitzer said...

I agree with the simple. I think the barn beam thing might be a little heavy on the eyes for up there but I like the beadboard stuff in white. I don't know, I wonder how much that would cost.