Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yes...We Have Walls!

Hello Everyone!  Let me refresh your memory a bit.  We had lost a good portion of our old barn in a major storm a few years ago.  Such a shame, but it was deteriorating and the storm just pushed it over the edge.  We tore the rest down and saved every piece we could find until we could eventually built a shed, a BIG shed, out of the salvage.  Flash forward to today and we finally have a roof and 2 walls!  Why all of the excitement over something that's not even finished you ask? 
It's called progress.  And that goes a long way at our house because time is short and so is patience sometimes, but there is definitely light at the end of this tunnel.  Let's check out this progress then.  Remember this picture from a previous post?

Cut to, right this second...

We had to lay out all of the barn board to see what was usable and what goes in the burn pile.  Some were split beyond repair.  Unfortunately there was not enough old wood to re-use that would have made suitable roof rafters, but everything that could be salvaged, will definitely be used.
Pretty maids all in a row.

If you have a keen eye, you will notice that the tractor never moves...Ever!  I'm not complaining though because all of this work has amounted to this... Yes, my fine peeps, we have walls!

2 walls out of 4!  Done.  Now that's progress.  Since the hubby is out there working on wall 3, maybe I should help the cause and get out there and pitch in huh?!
Happy Easter!

-Jess xo


Andrew Zaehringer said...

Walls really make a room come together. ;)

Jessica Schweitzer said...

They really do Andy! They really do:)